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Taste of Russia Cooking Class

Grab a chance to learn some Russian cooking while in Russia under the supervision of an experienced Russian chef. Russian cuisine is famous for its nutritious and healthy dishes. It has given the world several dishes like borscht (beetroot soup), bliny (Russian pancakes), beef stroganoff and Russian salad. This is what you are going to learn in a professional studio. The tour starts with a visit to a fashionable local food market where you will learn how to pick the ‘right’ products. And of course, the tour will finish with a full 4-course lunch.




Freshly reconstructed Danilovsky food market is one of the oldest in Moscow and is listed among the best world’s food markets, like the one in London or Barcelona. It got numerous prizes as ‘Venue of the year’ and ‘Best City Improvement’ and ‘Best Rebranding’. Walk around and juicy-looking rows, the chef will help you pick the right products for the dishes.


Proceed to the studio. In a comfortable atmosphere, under the instruction of a chef you’ll learn how to cook a full Russian lunch.





Olivier salad, known internationally as Russian salad, is a winter salad named after its inventor, a French chef who used to run a restaurant in the 19th century Moscow. It is an iconic dish and a must-have for all the Russians for a New Year Eve’s party. Made of chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas, egg, pickled and fresh cucumbers, it is served with mayonnaise and will suit as a nutritious cold snack for lunch or dinner.


Russian borscht is a traditional soup of Eastern Slavs (Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians), known since 10th century. A Russian lady’s house managing skills are based on how well she can cook borscht. Made on the basis of beef or pork broth, with beetroot, carrots, potatoes and some secret spices, served with some sour cream, it’s a pure symphony of taste.




Today only a few people know that the world-famous beef stroganoff was invented in Russia by a rich nobleperson Stroganov who used to hold an open food court where he served fresh tasty dishes for everybody in town for free. Thinly cut pieces of meat with sauce perfectly suited this task.



Russian thin delicate pancakes can be served with both sweet and salty fillings like jam, condensed milk, honey, cottage cheese, meat, fish etc. This time you’ll have pancakes for dessert.



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