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Roots of Russia

Meet the Different Russia, Russia just outside its capital city. Make an unforgettable full day journey to Sergiev Posad where the air is fresh and Russia retained some of it authentic self. Get to the very roots of Russia: see the lifestyle of nomad national minorities, taste local food, experience peasant culture in a touch-and-play museum and finally – get into the heart of Russian religious life, Sergius Monastery, all within just one little town! If you want to get a full and deep understanding of the Russian soul – this is the tour for you.




Your first stop at this magical journey is Nomad Outdoors Museum. Russia is a very vast country taking up 1/8 of the Earth’s land, it has 11 time zones and all kinds of climate and living conditions. More than 190 nationalities live on the Russian land, not only the Slavs. In this museum you can visit typical houses of Russia’s minorities from the Extreme North and Central Asia: Mongol, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Chukchi and Nenets, taste some local fresh BBQ and vegetables.

You will also get a chance to see authentic dancing show: traditional dancing of the Russian North.



Interact with domestic and wild animals typical of Russia. You can feed goats, sheep, yaks and camels. For a separate fee, you can ride a camel.







Next highlight of the trip to the roots of Russia is a tiny cute Museum of Russian peasant’s household items. Its is located in a real wooden house where the family of museum owner lives. You will hear amazing stories about each and every tool and toy. Good news about this museum is you can touch and play with everything you see! Train your imagination and see whether you can guess the function of a ‘chainik’ or ‘tuesok’.






Finish your journey with the world-famous monastery and center of Russia’s spiritual life, Trinity Sergius Lavra. Meet the monks, see the Orthodox architecture and painting. Remember to get some holy water, monastery bread and honey wine!



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