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Walk around Moscow center and learn about Moscow off the beaten track with a local guide: visit places you will never see from the tourist bus or learn from a guidebook: hear scary KGB stories, legends of the pre-revolutionary past, secret corners where criminals meet the saints and ghosts coexist with the simple people. Emotions is the best way to feel Russia! On this tour, you will not only learn some facts about Russia bus also feel a range of emotions: everything from awe to horror, from curiosity to despise. This tour is very interactive, you will be offered to play games, compete and do some fun things just like locals do.




Red Square: Learn what secrets Kremlin walls keep, what is underground below the biggest ancient fortress in Europe


St.Barbara Street: Stroll along the oldest street in Moscow and hear the legend about St.Barbara, a girl who sacrificed herself. Why Russian Orthodox church has so many saints? What is the first embassy in Russia? That is what this place can tell you


Slavic Square: Play a fun language game and learn some Russian next to the Cyrill and Methodius monument, these two are inventors of the Russian alphabet.


All Saints on Kulishki Church: hear some Moscow ghost stories and get into the oldest church in Moscow. Learn why the church is leaning just like the Tower of Pisa and what bloody secrets it keeps.

Refresh yourself at a popular hipster hotspot

John the Baptist female monastery: Take a picturesque walk up the hill and hear nail-biting stories about a rich landlady Saltychikha, the most cruel lady criminal of all times, and why  she was kept a prisoner here


Visit the secret district of Khokhlovka and have a cup of tea at an artsy bookstore only locals know about

Be a guest at a slum area of 19th century, Khitrovka district. Get into the yard full of ghosts of thieves, drunkards and prostitutes of the pre-Revolution Moscow


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