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Perfect tour for a first-timer in the capital of Russia, ideal for the first day of your stay in this country. Explore Moscow on our comfortable bus with an experienced Chinese-speaking guide. You will be greeted with a snack and start off with a walk around the heart of Moscow, followed by a big circle ride around Moscow sights, next stop being the highest point of Moscow where you can get the feeling of this eclectic city – golden domes of Orthodox churches and empire style skyscrapers intermingled. You will get to know Moscow from inside as well, its beautiful metro system – ‘underground palaces’, and finish with an amusing museum of vodka where you can taste some liquor and get souvenirs.




Red Square (old meaning of ‘red’ is ‘beautiful’ in Russian) is the heart of Moscow and the first destination for most visitors to the city. Surrounded from one side by one of the Kremlin’s red brick walls, Red Square offers a unique viewpoint from which you can see St. Basil’s Cathedral, the State History Museum, Lenin’s Mausoleum, GUM shopping mall. Once a market place outside the city walls (i.e. Kremlin), the main square of the country hosted the first Victory Parade in 1945 celebrating the victory over the fascist Germany in World War 2. Red Square is now listed among UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Changing of the guards at Alexander Garden


Top of Sparrow Hills is the highest observation point in Moscow and a good place to get the feeling of Russia’s capital. From over 210 m above the sea level, you will get the panoramic view of Moscow center with all of its landmarks, golden-domed churches typical for Moscow and Soviet-time constructions:  Moscow River, Kremlin churches, Novodevichy Convent, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Luzhniki Stadium where 80’ Olympic Games were held, unique two-level Metro-Bridge, Russian Academy of Science and 6 out of 7 Sister-buildings (Stalin-era grandiose skyscrapers). If you turn away from the eye-catching panorama, you will get the best view of the 7th sister – Moscow State University building.


Symbol of Russia’s high standard education, Lomonosov Moscow State University is Russia’s leading university: it is the only Russian university in Top-100 world’s universities list. It is also the oldest. Opened in 18th century by a Russian prodigy scientist, originally located on the Red Square, today it still has a complex of buildings in the center. However, the University got a new majestic main building on the Sparrow Hills in 1953 under Stalin – a campus within a building! Moscow State University main building is the highest of the so called ‘seven sisters’ – Stalinist skyscrapers of Moscow (240 m).




Metro tour. One of the most beautiful metro systems in the world, Moscow underground has more than 200 stations, each of which is different from one another, 44 stations are included in World Cultural Heritage list. Ever since its construction in 1930s Moscow metro stations has been nicknamed “underground palaces for people”, idea that luxury belonged to simple people, not to the rich or the noble-blooded (as it did before the Great Revolution), suited the young socialist country very much.  Moscow metro is not only a cultural object, it is also one of the busiest underground transport systems in the world. During the rush hour a train arrives at the station as often as every 90 seconds, making metro the most popular transportation method in the busy metropolitan city.


Vodka museum. Meet the Russian traditional drink – Vodka. In this entertaining museum you will learn more about its 500 year history and find answers to questions: how did Russians make first alcoholic drinks? What and how did they drink, since Ivan the Terrible until the Soviet Union breakup? Who established a medal for heavy drinking? At the end of the tour you will get a chance to taste some of the home-made flavoured liquors.

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