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Air Service Limited, established in 1999, is a leading international logistics company providing cargo services to Russia. With a strong foundation from Russia tourism starting from 2008, ATC Air Service Limited has developed a wide range of tourism products and services to cater for different markets and demands, pioneered a distinctive and tailor-made Russia tour which project another side of Russia to the market. Apart from above, ATC also accounts for charter flight service, being a consolidated sales agent of Aeroflot Airlines, expertise of land arrangement in Russia. Nowadays, the company operates 29 branch offices located in Russia, China includes Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Taiwan, Southeast-Asia and Europe.

In January 2018, ATC invested a resort hotel in Murmansk, where is a port city in the far northwest part of Russia inside the Arctic Circle. Eco-tourism is the upcoming key project in company business plan. Enjoy a remarkable Aurora in stunning scenery is not only a patent in Northern Europe nor Canada, but also in Murmansk, characterized with a unique Russian culture embedded.

Viewing an uprising demand of travelling towards Russia, ATC Air Service Limited is eager to expand the company size, strives for being the one who provide a superb travel experience to excel the customer’s expectation, as well as continuous exploration of various parts of Russia exhibiting to Hong Kong market.

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